Developing with Nature Showcase

Natural Cambridgeshire and Mills & Reeve will be holding a joint event on Friday 8 March to showcase the Developing with Nature Toolkit. The Toolkit, which was launched in October, aims to support developers to bring forward new homes and communities in a way that enhances the natural environment and achieves a net gain in the area’s biodiversity.

Greater Cambridgeshire is one of the fastest growing areas within England, with plans for significant additional development and major infrastructure to provide tens of thousands of new homes and significant new employment opportunities over the coming decades. The Toolkit, with support from the partners, will help to ensure that together we make Cambridgeshire grow well and deliver a great quality of life for people and nature.

Please come along to our breakfast event to find out more about how the Toolkit can help your development achieve top marks and become an exemplar for people and nature.

Register for this event on the Mills & Reeve website.

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