Doubling Nature Investment Plan Scoping Study

To help inform the development of a Doubling Nature Investment Plan in Cambridgeshire, this study researched and compared current approaches to natural capital investment planning (NCIP) in the UK. The research included most of the current UK NCIP approaches and other organisations and individuals working in this field in Cambridgeshire and within the Oxford to Cambridge (OxCam) Arc. It comprised of desk research and interviews covering 22 approaches to NCIP with 26 individuals. The research focussed on their approaches, strategies, recommendations, the challenges they faced, the key strengths and weaknesses of their approaches and what advice they would give to a new natural capital investment plan project.

The report presents practical recommendations from current UK approaches and then proposes options and opportunities for a natural capital investment approach in Cambridgeshire. So, the report explains what others have done, or are doing, and explains how these approaches could be successfully applied to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Natural Cambridgeshire are using this research to help develop a Doubling Nature Investment Plan for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, they are currently designing their approach and seeking funding.

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